ESG & Me:

There’s always room for improvement

European ESG investors are worried about a lack of transparency in the responsible investing space. Are their concerns founded?

Amanda O’Toole, a fund manager within AXA IM’s global equity division, and Chris Iggo, chief investment officer for core investments at AXA IM, paint a picture of the current status quo in the ESG space and reveal how to find the right balance between raising awareness for ESG and inundating fund buyers with emails and webinar invitations.

ESG is everywhere these days and some fund buyers are starting to think that it’s maybe a tad too much. But can it ever be enough?

Managers’ response

Roundtable debate:

It’s E to the S to the G

More often than not, social considerations go by the board when it comes to making ESG-based investment decisions. While environmental and governance factors get all the attention, many asset managers tend to put the social component in third place. Our panellists explain why the S in ESG is still living in the shadows, discuss what needs to be done for it to come to the fore and shine a light on the overall ESG movement. Are we facing an era of stranded assets?

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