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ESG transparency in Asia is still lagging behind

Despite improvements in the G space, the region still has some catching up to do when it comes to environmental, social and governance disclosure.

Amanda O’Toole, a fund manager within AXA IM’s global equity division, and Chris Iggo, chief investment officer for core investments at AXA IM, delve into the challenges surrounding ESG and explain how asset managers can meet investors’ ESG expectations.

Asian companies are world leaders in many respects - but not when it comes to ESG. Here’s why they still have some catching up to do and how asset managers should address the whole ESG topic with clients.

Managers’ response

Roundtable debate:

Understanding Asian intentions

Our panellists look at Asian intentions towards environmental, social and governance considerations – at an investor, fund selector, company and government level. They also identify plenty of opportunities that are ripe to capture and challenges that need to be addressed.

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