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‘You can’t straitjacket everything into narrow definitions’

Some countries are having a hard time qualifying as desirable ESG destinations. Is there a limit to responsible investing?

Amanda O’Toole, a fund manager within AXA IM’s global equity division, and Chris Iggo, chief investment officer for core investments at AXA IM, shine a light on the (in)compatibility of ESG with controversial governments and explain why it’s not only possible but necessary for ESG investors to allocate to China.

The increasing importance of China on the world stage leaves ESG investors with mixed feelings. What are the pros and cons of responsible investing in the world's second largest economy?

Managers’ response

Roundtable debate:

Of middle child traumas and data monkeys

Despite the excitement it creates (or maybe because of it), there are still some blind spots around ESG investing. Our roundtable shines a light on the more obscure parts of the sustainable investment space and explains why ESG funds have a serious naming issue. From reporting and transparency challenges to communication hurdles and the need for a new take on track records, our panellists give a rundown of the latest developments in the ESG arena.

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